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IMTC Leader board April 11 2011

(Henley Frocking reporting)

While the British regularly find themselves squeezed out of the medals in almost every event (except for curling, rowing and rioting) it seems that they are unstoppable in the spinning disciplines.  Baillie and Innate are tied for Gold with the in-house Enforcer sneaking up behind them like a clandestine ferret at a recently cancelled Mylie Cyrus concert.

Agnus and Andrews lead the pack for the US but have a long way to go. Andrews’  recent engagement fears were realized just last week and there are already reports that he might not be able to play with the rough kids from across the pond.

NoHero and DFA, the new rising stars in the sport continue to gain ground against all. DFA seems to find himself able to play anything, on anything at any time and is rumoured to have created a 10 minute mix in less 27 seconds using nothing more than string and the power of mime.  No Hero is doing the business both on and off the tracks and is said to be quickly rising through the ranks.

davepermen recently got out of the gates for the Swiss and the bookies are keen to see where he goes next. 10-1 on: shopping.

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