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Better dead than in the red

Playing on a Mix Train can be quite different from making your own mixes/mix tapes.  For one, you have the work of every other DJ in your hand as a Mix Train is only as good as its weakest slot.  There are also endless combinations of setups with some DJs recording digitally and while others stick with analogue.  Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your slot packs a punch without knocking the train off the rails.

  1. Ensure you are recording using WAV with a sample rate of 44,100 Hz
  2. If you are using vinyl – be sure it is in good condition. If you are using digital files use 320Kbps tracks from a source you trust. Downloading files from blogs/torrent sites etc. gives you no control over quality and low bitrate tracks are often re-encoded at a higher bit rate which has no positive effect on the quality of the tune and just increases the file size. If it doesn’t sound good – don’t use it.
  3. Once you have listened to the mix train that you will be adding to, and have decided which tracks you are going to use, consider recording your slot separately and then mix the completed slot into the train afterwards. This will give you a good deal more control and reduce the margin for error. It will also enable to you tweak the gain/EQ your slot before you mix it into the train.
  4. Recording too quiet is better than recording too loud. Ideally we look to avoid mastering the final mix but in cases where we need to, it is much easier to increase quieter parts that eliminate distortion.
  5. Do not compress/normalize or otherwise master your slot or the train in order to fix issues with a slot. If the issues are minimal we will take care of it after the mix is completed. If the issues are more than just minimal – rerecord your slot or offer the slot up to someone else. Please don’t upload something that is below par.
  6. If in doubt – ask! We are all here to help and there are plenty of experts who can help you set up your recording environment as well as providing honest feedback on whether your mix should be rerecorded or not.
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