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A quick start guide to getting onboard a Mix Train

Getting on a mix train is a pretty simple affair. This short article will tell you everything you need to know in order to start playing…

Pick a Train

Information about each train is listed in the Docs section on the right hand side of the IMTC HUB Group’s main page.

The Admins will also periodically send out time table updates that list the status of all trains. Scroll through the threads on the main HUB page to find a timetable or check http://blog.themixtrain.com

Currently there are three kinds of trains; Active, Queued and Completed.

  • Active trains have already started and unless otherwise stated, are not open to new players unless a player drops out.
  • Queued Trains are trains that have not started. You can join any Queued train that has one or more “Open” slots.
  • Completed trains are just….completed. Unless you are planning on reversing time these are unlikely to be an option for you.

Join a Train

Go to the Docs section in the IMC HUB and click on the train you want to join. Simply add a comment at the bottom indicating that you would like to play. The admin will either a) allocate you a slot or b) offer you a choice of slots.

Sign up for Dropbox

IMTC uses Dropbox.com as its online file storage for active trains. The first time you join a train you will be asked for your e-mail address by an Admin who will then send you a link to the Dropbox. You will need to sign up for the service (it’s free) and install a small desktop application that will enable you to synchronize files with the group. If you need help with any aspect of the Dropbox – just ask.

Wait for your Slot

You will be contacted by an Admin or the previous player on the train when it’s your time to add your slot. You may have to wait a few minutes or hours for the files to synch depending on the speed of your internet connection as well as that of the previous DJ.

Add your Slot

You will be adding a defined number of minutes to the end of the mix.   Check the FAQ on recording and mixing tips. Key things to remember:

  • Don’t alter parts of mix that another DJ created
  • Don’t change the BPM of the entire mix (you may however change the BPM within your own slot)
  • Check your gain and recording volumes to ensure you get the best sound quality and a smooth transition into your slot
  • Don’t master/compress/normalize the mix – we’ll do that
  • Only upload your mix if you are truly happy with it – if it doesn’t sound good to you, it won’t sound good to anyone else.

Upload your slot by placing the finished WAV (do not encode as MP3) back in the Dropbox. Let the Admins and next DJ know it’s on its way

Update Track List

Go back into the Docs section of the Hub and add your track list into the appropriate part of the document (use the “Edit” button). Be sure to use the format supplied in the document and include all the information

Brag Brag Brag

You’ve done your bit and now it’s time to tell everyone about the project.  Use the #mixtrain tag in Twitter, share your experience on Facebook, get your friends involved.


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