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Vestax Pad-One Traktor FX TSI


I just started messing around with the Vestax Pad-One. The Pad-One is like the Korg Nanopad only it’s built to last. I have already been playing with it for a while now and love the velocity sensitive pads and the XY pad.

I created a TSI that uses all 4 FX banks. All 4 banks are in group mode. To engage a particular bank  hold down one of the four buttons on the Pad-One and use the XY pad to change the amounts.

You can use them individually or in combinations. The main purpose of the TSI file is to act as a framework. Everything is set up so that all you have to do is go into Traktor’s Controller Manager and change the SELECT EFFECT parameter to whatever you want.

This is very basic but it’s start for someone who wants to play around with the Pad-One without getting into Traktor’s Controller Manager.

Download TSI

I will upload a more developed TSI as and when I do more with it.

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