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IMTC 102 – Gentlemen’s Dubstep


Right Click to Download IMTC 102

Anyone who knows me (Mr MixTrain aka SmiTTTen aka Fatter Agnus aka Raging Doris) will tell you how much I loathe Dubstep.  As far as I am concerned, it’s just a bunch of synthesizers with chronic speech impediments catering to the needs of the great unwashed.  That in mind, I set the crew a task, put together an hour’s mix that represents Dubstep for the more refined generation.  No annoying stammering bass lines or Wall Streetesque drops that the kids can nod to.

What they created was 60 minutes of Dubstep music that I don’t hate.  When it comes to this genre, this is without doubt, the highest level of praise imaginable. So, it’s actually very good and you should listen to it.

Howitzer (Nottingham, UK)

Phaeleh – Lounge

Sepalcure – Taking You Back

XXXY – You Always Start It

Ramadanman – Humber

Pinch – Get Up (RSD Remix)

Maxx Traxx (South Coast, UK)

Price – Contempt for all humankind (Submerse Remix),

Phaeleh – Afterglow,

Synkro – Everybody Knows,

Lung – Afterlife

Benny M (Somewhere selling time shares in deepest, darkest Australia)

Emalkay – A.G.S. – Original Mix – N/A (Facebook Freebie)

haywirehaywire – Sanguinary – Original Mix – Newgrounds.com Audio Portal

Jogo – Atra – Original Mix – N/A (Squittybubbler Freebie)

Jogo – Subconscious – Original Mix – N/A (Squittybubbler Freebie)

FutureKing (South Coast, UK)

Conquest – Forever

Fat Freddys Drop – Cays Crays (Digital Mystikz Mix)

HighFee (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

Psychedelic – Eddie K & Minus – Hench Recordings

We Are IE – Lennie De Ice (Caspa & Rusko Remix) – y4k

Jumpin’ (Original Mix) – Kromestar

Professor Ben (LA, California, USA)

OSC – Evolution

Sharmaji & DJ Boo – Skank Ethics

Vaski & Sublime – Summertime (Crunkinpublic smashup)

Hey-O-Hansen – Zulu

Sabat’ Machines – Sylvia

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