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Scratch Experiment #16 – Layering Scratch Samples

March 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Last night I started playing around with layering additional sounds on top of the classic “Ahhh” and “Fresh” scratch sample.  The sample is repeated four times. The first one is combined with a spacey/alien sample, the second is combined with an orchestral style style stab, the third is the classic air horn and the fourth is a random vocal sample with a lot of FX.

Right click on the link below and Save As. The file type is WAV.


Note: I generally don’t respond to comments on this page for no other reason than I don’t check it that much.

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Keep Calm and Scratch On

November 6, 2011 Leave a comment

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Practice PumpKing Kutz 1

October 28, 2011 Leave a comment
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IMTC 102 – Gentlemen’s Dubstep

October 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Right Click to Download IMTC 102

Anyone who knows me (Mr MixTrain aka SmiTTTen aka Fatter Agnus aka Raging Doris) will tell you how much I loathe Dubstep.  As far as I am concerned, it’s just a bunch of synthesizers with chronic speech impediments catering to the needs of the great unwashed.  That in mind, I set the crew a task, put together an hour’s mix that represents Dubstep for the more refined generation.  No annoying stammering bass lines or Wall Streetesque drops that the kids can nod to.

What they created was 60 minutes of Dubstep music that I don’t hate.  When it comes to this genre, this is without doubt, the highest level of praise imaginable. So, it’s actually very good and you should listen to it.

Howitzer (Nottingham, UK)

Phaeleh – Lounge

Sepalcure – Taking You Back

XXXY – You Always Start It

Ramadanman – Humber

Pinch – Get Up (RSD Remix)

Maxx Traxx (South Coast, UK)

Price – Contempt for all humankind (Submerse Remix),

Phaeleh – Afterglow,

Synkro – Everybody Knows,

Lung – Afterlife

Benny M (Somewhere selling time shares in deepest, darkest Australia)

Emalkay – A.G.S. – Original Mix – N/A (Facebook Freebie)

haywirehaywire – Sanguinary – Original Mix – Audio Portal

Jogo – Atra – Original Mix – N/A (Squittybubbler Freebie)

Jogo – Subconscious – Original Mix – N/A (Squittybubbler Freebie)

FutureKing (South Coast, UK)

Conquest – Forever

Fat Freddys Drop – Cays Crays (Digital Mystikz Mix)

HighFee (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

Psychedelic – Eddie K & Minus – Hench Recordings

We Are IE – Lennie De Ice (Caspa & Rusko Remix) – y4k

Jumpin’ (Original Mix) – Kromestar

Professor Ben (LA, California, USA)

OSC – Evolution

Sharmaji & DJ Boo – Skank Ethics

Vaski & Sublime – Summertime (Crunkinpublic smashup)

Hey-O-Hansen – Zulu

Sabat’ Machines – Sylvia

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Vestax Pad-One Traktor FX TSI

September 30, 2011 Leave a comment


I just started messing around with the Vestax Pad-One. The Pad-One is like the Korg Nanopad only it’s built to last. I have already been playing with it for a while now and love the velocity sensitive pads and the XY pad.

I created a TSI that uses all 4 FX banks. All 4 banks are in group mode. To engage a particular bank  hold down one of the four buttons on the Pad-One and use the XY pad to change the amounts.

You can use them individually or in combinations. The main purpose of the TSI file is to act as a framework. Everything is set up so that all you have to do is go into Traktor’s Controller Manager and change the SELECT EFFECT parameter to whatever you want.

This is very basic but it’s start for someone who wants to play around with the Pad-One without getting into Traktor’s Controller Manager.

Download TSI

I will upload a more developed TSI as and when I do more with it.

IMTC-100 The Beach House

September 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Right Click to Download

Having taken most of the summer off to work on solo projects, sun tans and rehab, one could be forgiven for thinking that IMTC crew should be sprinting off the start line like a terrier strapped to an Exocet.  The reality is that is has taken two thirds of an ice age to get the first trains of the new season out of the gate. That is of course with the exception of a crack team of mix-ninjas who crafted this house-tech mix seemingly in a matter of minutes.

1. Inkfish – Detroit (Bedrock)
2. Tom Hades – Come on (Bedrock)

SmiTTTen (aka Fatter Agnus)
1. The Visionaires & Ginny Koppenhol – Indian Winter (Bang-er Re-Edit)
2. Underworld – Dark & Long (Christian Smith Hypnotica Dub)

Will Darling
1. Julien Jabre – Swimming Places (Original Mix)
2. Crazy P – The Unbearable Lightness Of Being
3. Processory – Nightfall (Aeroplane Remix Version 2)
4. Nikola Gala- Close 2 U (Original Mix)
5. C&M Productions feat. Marcel – True House (Lexicon Avenue mix)

The Mystery Ninja

1. Tiger Stripes – Together (original mix)
2. City Life Feat. Cari Golden (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

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Dragon versus Kitten 5 – Just good old fashioned Techno.

September 27, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s a deep, dark grin machine.  Carry on..,

  • j’s Music – “No Comment” (Original Mix) Define Records
  • Slam – “Night Train” (Original Mix) Drumcode
  • Slam – “Area 51” (Original Mix) Drumcode
  • Louie Cut – “Fat Bee” (Original Mix) Droplet Music
  • Erik Bruce – “Nightstalker” (Original Mix) White Label
  • Adam Beyer & Alan Fitzpatrick – “Human Reason” (Original Mix) Drumcode
  • Willy Real & Davip – “PrapDynamite” (Nodin Remix) Vi Tva Records
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