010 – Covert Chill Out 120

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A covert mix train is a train that is put together outside of the main IMTC Hub.  Personally I frown upon these skunk-works projects as it eschews the open collaborative nature of the collective. Having now taken part in two of them I should probably take myself outside for a solid birching.

Should you not be morally inclined to shun this mix you will quickly find yourself bobbing along to two hours of late night/early morning mogodon-friendly grooves that will ferry you through brand new compositions from The Futureking and Agnus as well as some gems that continue to stand the test of time. The train likely contains more original, unreleased productions from IMTC than any other to date.

We love it, we’re sure you’ll like it

– Fatter Agnus / IMTC



Slot 1 – Andy Baillie – UK

Andy Baillie

  1. [Intro]
  2. Future Loop Foundation – Stereo 72 / The Village Radar

Slot 2 – Fatter Agnus – USA

Fatter Agnus

  1. Peanut Flux – Tomy’s My First Ambient Track (Passive Bourbon Biscuit Domination Dub)

Slot 3 – Andy Baillie

  1. (Gorecki – Symphony No.3 #36 Movement 2 Lento e largo – Tranquillissimo – Excerpt)
  2. Tripswitch – Cartwheel – Mirror Systems Remix (futurekings beatless edit)

Slot 4 – Fatter Agnus

  1. Radiohdead – Treefingers (Fatter Agnus’ Winkitizing dublessplate)
  2. Smote – Born to my Soul

Slot 5 – Andy Baillie

  1. Beck – Everybodys Gotta Learn Sometime
  2. [Classified]
  3. All About Eve – She Moves Through The Fair
  4. Fila Brazillia – At Home in Space

Slot 6 – Fatter Agnus

  1. Bruno Coulais, Helene Breschand, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard – Alone
  2. Leona Lewis – Run

Slot 7 – Andy Baillie

  1. Ian Brown – Neptune
  2. D*Note – Place in the City

Slot 8 – Fatter Agnus 

  1. Fatter Agnus – Dexter’s Lullaphonics Volume One

Slot 9 – Andy Baillie

  1. Jam & Spoon – Nocturnal Audio Sensory Awakening

Slot 10 – Fatter Agnus

  1. Lemon Jelly – Cold Fusion
  2. Fatter Agnus – Full Duplex Love Confusion

Slot 11 – Andy Baillie

  1. Ullulators – …and hardly any ears!
  2. System 7 – Habibi (camel mix)

Slot 12 – Fatter Agnus

  1. Thieves in Oberlin – Reboot
  2. Depeche Mode – Useless (Kruder and Dorfmeister mix)

Slot 14 – Andy Baillie

  1. Futureking_ofthe world feat.Swiss Chris – Ambient Apocalypse (part none)
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