012 – Tech House

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IMTC 012 sees 6 DJ’s coming together to bring you two hours of solid tech-house combining elements of pureplay house, latin grooves, underground filth, minimal techno and a subtle hint of French vanilla. The final 20 minutes feature Adam Ritenauer’s debut for the IMTC and we look forward to seeing more from this Cleveland, USA native.

Warning: This train will likely result in nodding dog syndrome and you may well find yourself racking up chiropratic bills quicker than a midget in an anvil juggling competition.

Slot 1 – Erik Bruce – UK

  1. “Collide” – Deetron (Green)
  2. “Let’s Take It” – Oliver Klein & Peter Jürgens (Kling Klong)
  3. “Cry” (Slam’s Vocal remix)” –  Dot Alison (Slam)

Slot 2 – Innate – UK


  1. “Antonelli Screaming” (Steve Bug Remix) – H.O.S.H.  (Diynamic Music)
  2. “Homebase” (Kaiserdisco Remix) – Uto Karem (Agile Recording)
  3. “Utopolys” (Sebastien Leger Remix) – Uto Karem (Agile Recording)
  4. “56 Vueltas De Tuerca” (LondonGround Remix) – Geremy Barrios (White Island Recordings)
  5. “Scaramanga” (Dusty Kid Remix) Booka Shade (Kammermeier And Merziger)

Slot 3 – Brandon Andrews (Cool House Collective) – USA

Brandon Andrews

  1. “Stay Up Dancing Get In Monday” Darius Syrossian (Area Remote)
  2. “Issshhh” – The Martinez Brothers (Objektivity)
  3. “Oh Horse” (Piemont Remix)- Hey Karolin (Suchtreflex)
  4. “Tambolero” (Melohman & Javi Bor Remix) – Larry Peters & Von Georgi (Agua y Sed)
  5. “Brother’s Keeper” – Dark Beat & Milok (Cimelde Records)
  6. “Angel (Dyed Soundorom Remix)” – Inxec (Cityfox)

Slot 4 – Andy Baillie – UK

Andy Baillie

  1. “Apache (Max Mix) ” – Charlie May (Mayhem)
  2. “Face to the Floor” – Yapacc feat.Big Bully (Sonata Music)
  3. “Beachball (Andry Meets Schalli @ Monkey Island Remix)” – Nalin & Kane (MOS)
  4. “Second Life” – Yapacc (WIR)
  5. “Storm Lunch ” – Robert Babicz Vs Rob Acid (Treibstoff)
  6. “The Rhythm Composer” – Mikael Jonasson (Koba)

Slot 5 – Jay Innit – UK

  1. “Chelios” (Original Mix) – Gunnar Stiller (Voltage Musique Records)
  2. “Mhm Hmm” – Oliver Giaccmotto (Definitive Recordings)
  3. “Mamas world” – Lorenzo + Twilo ( MyLittleDog)
  4. “Hang with me”  (Kaiser Disco Remix) – Roby(Konichiwa Records)

Slot 6 – Adam Ritenauer – USA

  1. “Excersize” (Original Mix) Tim Green & Todd Emerson (Cocoon)
  2. “Loco Bongo” Momma’s Boy (Anabatic Records)
  3. “Airplane Electronique” (Matthias Tanzmann Remix) Josh Wink (Ovum)
  4. “D.E.G”. (Original Mix) Coyu (7oZ Records)

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