018 – The DROP (D&B)

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‘Let’s do something that gets progressively uglier as it goes’.  That was the genius idea we had a few months ago back at IMTC HQ. To some people this concept might seem counter-intuitive. To the kinds of late night tech-filth that listens to our output it’s probably an early Christmas gift. We welcome two new players on this mix, DJC-Kay from North London and Professor Ben from California. I think you will agree that they brought some serious sounds to the proceedings.   So here you have it, 65 minutes, 6 DJs, 27 tracks – all sewn together for your aural assault…

Slot 1 – Oz White – UK

  1. “Is Anybody Out There” – BCee & S.P.Y. (Spearhead)
  2. “Feel the Sunshine” – Alex Reece (Island)
  3. “Hold It” – Mark System (Digital Soundboy)

Slot 2–DJC-kay – UK

  1. “No Time To Lose” – Expect
  2. “Come Show Me” (Original Mix) – Intelligent Manners
  3. “Easy On The Motion” (Original Mix) – Mutt, Calculon, Kevin King
  4. “Hand It Over” (feat. Christina Nicola) – Survival

Slot 3 – Professor Ben – USA

  1. “Booze Up and Riot” (Iris Mix) – Artist (Crunch Pod)
  2. “Cops Don’t Like Us” – EZ Rollers (Moving Shadow)
  3. “Misirlou” (Sector Drum & Bass Remix) – Dick Dale & Hils Del-Tones (No Idea)  
  4. “Panda Style” – L.A.O.S. (Panda)
  5. “Bad Practice” (Original Mix) – Breakneck And D8a (Nu Labels)
  6. “Check Dis Out” – Laze & Dirty (Dutty Dubplatez)

Slot 4 – Fatter Agnus – USA

Fatter Agnus

  1. “Diary Tribe Volume 1” (Flump Pumper Dub) – Fatter Agnus (White Label)
  2. “Keep This Rain” (Original Mix) – Nouwa (Mindstorm Records)
  3. “Dreadnaught” (Original Mix) – Icicle (Shogun Audio)
  4. “Omissions” (Original Mix) – Noisia (Vision Recordings)
  5. “Program Your Brain” (Original Mix) – Mestaba Audio (Mindstorm Recordings)

Slot 5 – NoHero – UK

  1. “Cut Throat” (Original Mix) – Figure, Whiskey Pete (Heavy Artillery Recordings) 
  2. “Mad World” (Original Mix) – L 33 (Ammunition Recordings) 

Slot 6 – Jay Innit – UK

  1. (sample taken from) “corkscrew ” –  mattix+futile
  2. “Shellshock” – Nosia
  3. “Buy more now” – Klute
  4. “Phantom Dust” – Silent Killer + Breaker
  5. “Rotor Bug” – Devise + Shooks
  6. “Despised” – Forbidden Society


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