001 – Drum and Bass

The first Mix Train from the International Mix Collective is here for your listening pleasure. IMTC-001 is an hour of Drum & Bass featuring the talents of 6 DJs from North America, Europe and The Middle East. With each DJ contributing 10 minutes to the mix, this set weaves from liquid to jungle. Want to join the next Mix Train and collaborate with players from across the planet? Go to Facebook and join the International Mix Train Collective’s group. Everything you need to know is there… Come and play

Right Click to Download IMTC 001


Slot 1 – Fatter Agnus – USA

Fatter Agnus

  1. “You Don’t Need Me” (Incident Remix) – MSDOS, Blue Motion, The Square (Fokuz)
  2. “Westwind” (Original Mix) – Matik (Basswerk)
  3. “Afterglow” (Original Mix)  – Advisory, Scenic (Urban Chemistry Recordings)


Slot 2 – Stretch (Tripudio) – UK


  1. “174 Trek” (Original Mix) – DJ Zinc (True Playaz)
  2. “Dark Soldier” (Back In The Day Mix) – Ray Keith (Dread Recordings)
  3. “Big Bad & Heavy” (Serial Killaz Mix) – Leviticus  (Philly Blunt Records)
  4. “Original Ses” (Police in Helicopter Mix) – Rebel  & Top Cat (Congo Natty)


Slot 3 – Will Darling (Ministry of Sound) – UK

Will Darlng

  1. “White Widow” – Cause 4 Concern (Volcam)
  2. “Wild Life” (Nu:tone Remix) – Unicorn Kid (Hospital Records)
  3. “Bad Habit” (Acapella) – Onephatdeeva (Defected)
  4. “Circles” – Adam F – Circles – (Positiva/F Jams)
  5. “Never Should” (Undersound Remix) Karl G & Jamesie Feat. Undersound  (Uknown)
  6. “Blind Faith” (Loadstar Remix) -Chase & Status (RAM Records)
  7. “It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop UK” (Full Vocal Mix) – Wtf?! & Dead Prez (Breakbeat Kaos)
  8. “Super Sharp Shooter” (Short & Sharp Version) – DJ Zinc (Jungle Warfare)
  9. “Sawn Off” – Usual Suspects (Renegade Hardware)


Slot 4 – Brandon Andrews (Cool House Collective) – USA

Brandon Andrews

  1. “Arrows” – Icicle (Label)
  2. “Erotiek” (David Goliath Remix) – A23P (Label)
  3. “Void” – Modu (Label)
  4. “Don’t lie” –Majestics (Label)
  5. “I ❤ U So” (Scream’s Made Zdar Feel LIke He Was 20 Again Remix) – Cassius (Label)


Slot 5 – Andy Baillie – UK

Andy Baillie

  1. “Back To Your Roots”  – Mr. L feat Superfly7  (Mr. L Records)
  2. “The Rave “ – Jonny L (Spearhead Records)
  3. “Let’s Roll “ – Jonny L – (Piranha Records)
  4. “Cumberbatch And Wires “ – Mr. L (Mr. L Records)
  5. “Piper” Jonny L – Piper (XL Records)
  6. “Piper” (Grooverider mix) – Jonny L (XL Records)


Slot 6 – Innate – Kuwait

Rob Stribbs

  1. “Chasin A Feeling” (Original Mix) – Quivver (Bozbox)
  2. “Pushed” (Original Mix) – Command Strange (Fokuz Recordings)
  3. “Bright Lights” (Original Mix) – Lenzman (Spearhead Records)
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