002 – Chill Out Express

A stunningly beautiful stroll  through our DJ’s prized lounge collection. It’s time to stop whatever you are doing and take the night off…

Right Click to Download IMTC 002

Slot 1 –  Innate – Kuwait


  1. Satellite Anthem Icarus – Boards Of Canada
  2. Lifesaver – Emiliana Torrini
  3. Reel Life – The Cinematic Orchestra
  4. Give Up The Ghost – Radiohead

Slot 2 – Jay Innit – UK

Jay Innit

  1. Life support systems – calcutta cyber cafe (Talvin Singh)
  2. Earth Quake – Deerhunter
  3. Around the world in a tea daze – Shpongle

Slot 3 – Andy Baillie – UK

Andy Baillie

  1. Pressure Drop – Dusk (Hard Hands)
  2. Boards of Canada – Peacock Tail (Warp)
  3. Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy (Warp)
  4. Talvin Singh feat John Martyn – Sunshines Better (Mercury)
  5. Slaker – Start a New Life (GodLike & Electric)
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