How should I record my slot?

How you record your slot is entirely up to you. The goal of your slot is extend and enhance the overall mix and record at the best possible quality. You may decide to record “Suicide-Style” where you play and record the previous mix and mix into that. This is potentially the quickest option if you are confident that the mix will be spot on and the levels correct. If you run into any problems you will have start from the beginning and repeat the process. You may elect to“Splice” the mix where you record your slot separately and then mix two parts together afterwards. This method may take slightly longer than the Suicide-Style but will give you greater control.

Can I change the BPM of the mix?

BPM changes can be made at the point your mix begins. You may not change the overall BPM of the track as that affects the work of the other DJs on the train. Also be sure to consider if changing the BPM will enhance or detract from the final mix.

Can I use FX?

Much like the BPM, you can only apply effects at the point your mix begins.

How should I set my gain?

Mastering the true intricacies of gain staging and level setting can be a long process.  At it’s very simplest you are looking to set your fader, master and recording gains so that they come as close to 0db as possible without clipping (going into the red).

It is important to ensure that the gain on the faders is set so that the downloaded mix and your first track or pre-recorded slot are at the same level in order to prevent a large jump or drop in volume as the mix transitions.

A very general rule of thumb is that it is better to be too quiet than too loud. The volume of a mix can be increased through the mastering process but distortion and additional unwanted noise is much harder to remedy.  The less the final mix has to be adjusted the better the overall sound quality will be.

Can I master my mix?

No.  All mastering will be performed once the mix is complete. Even if your mix is too quiet/loud please do not edit it as that will reduce the overall quality of the final mix. If you have concerns about the mix please contact one of the Admins for advice.

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