How are slots managed?

Each train has an assigned “Conductor”. A Conductor works with the Admins to fill and manage the slots for that particular train. You can direct any questions about a slot or train to its Conductor or an Admin. The name of the Conductor should be listed in the document for the train in the Docs section of the IMC-HUB. In cases where a Conductor is not listed please contact one of the Admins.

How do I sign up for a slot?

Slots are announced in the main section of the IMC-HUB group page. Once a slot is announced you can leave a comment indicating your interest. You can also contact the Conductor, one of the Admins or check the ‘Docs’ section on the IMC-HUB group page to see which Trains are active and which slots are available. Note: We are working to improve how we share information on trains which may mean that documents and/or their formats may change. If you have a particular interest in a train or slot just contact one of the Admins.

Can I request a particular slot?

If a particular slot is available you can request it. Even if you do not request a particular slot you may be given the choice by one of the Admins or Conductors. In some cases it may not be possible to accommodate your choice or, your slot may be moved by an Admin.  Admins will also work to balance out the allocation of the popular slots  (like the last slot) to ensure everyone gets a chance to play. Given the different time zones, you may have to wait to have a spot confirmed.

I am a vinyl DJ, can I request the first slot?

Yes, we are instituting a policy to reserve the first slots of larger trains for vinyl DJs who do not have a two channel sound card setup. The first slots will be reserved for a few days and then will be opened up to all players. If you have a 2 channel sound card or would like more information on setting one up check out our post here.

What do I do if I cannot make my slot or need to change it?

We all have jobs and lives that frequently take precedent over our mixing duties! If you cannot make your slot, need a time extension to finish your slot or need to change slots with another player contact your Conductor or Admin as soon as you can. They will work to accommodate your needs where possible.  If you miss your slot deadline without contacting someone first or you miss your extended deadline the train will move to the next player.

I really want a slot on a full train – is there anything I can do?

Yes there is. You are welcome to message the group and see if someone wants to give up their slot. In cases where an Admin or Conductor is also playing they may be more likely to step down and make room for you. Accommodations are far less likely to be made for players who have missed slots or deadlines in the past.

When will I know when it’s time for me to start my slot?

You will be notified by the Admin, Conductor or previous player. If you are playing slot 1 you can begin once all the slots have been filled and the Conductor or Admin gives you the go-ahead.

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