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What is a Mix Train?

A Mix Train is a recorded mix or “mix tape” that is created by multiple DJs who each record part of the set.

How are Mix Trains organized?

A Classic Mix Train will be comprised of 6 slots with each slot lasting around 10 minutes. There are other types of the trains with different numbers of slots and durations. Once all the slots are filled the train begins. In some cases DJs can request a particular slot, in other cases slots are simply assigned by the Administrators.

How do I request a slot?

Once a Mix Train is announced in the Facebook Group (IMC-HUB) DJ’s simply request a slot using the comments section or message one of the group’s Administrators directly.  NOTE: The IMC-HUB page is an invite only group. To get access to the group you need to be added by one of the group’s members or go to the IMTC’s public Group page, “International Mix Train Collective” – there you can request to be added to the Hub.

How are Mix Trains produced?

Slots are recorded in order with the first DJ laying down a 10 minute mix. The mix is uploaded to our web site and the next DJ in turn downloads the mix and adds their 10 minutes to it. We ask that a minimum of 32 bars are left for the next DJ to mix into. Once all the slots are finished the mix is mastered and then published to our

What equipment do I need?

Our DJs are using a combination of turntables, CD decks, DVS and digital controllers along with software like Traktor, Serato and Ableton. As long as you can download and work with a WAV file and ultimately upload a WAV file to our site you can join in. If you are unsure on how to setup your system for Mix Trains we plenty of people that can help.

Do I need a fast internet connection?

The  faster your internet connection, the more rapidly you will be able to upload and download mixes. For each 10 minute slot you can estimate about 100mb so if you are the 5th player in a train you will be downloading a 500MB file and uploading a 600MB file. Most ISPs offer much slower upload bandwidth than download so that is normally the bottleneck.  To check your upload speed go to Many of our DJs simply upload their mix overnight so as not to tie up their connection through the day.

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