Uploading and Downloading

How do I get access to mixes?

Once all the slots have been filled you will be sent a link to a Dropbox.com folder. The first time you receive an invite you will need to sign up to the service (it’s free) and download a small desktop application that will synchronize the contents of the Dropbox folder with your computer. You can install the Dropbox application on more than one computer. Anything you add to the folder will be made available to other members of that folder. Anything you delete or modify will also be replicated to all other users. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING FROM THE FOLDER. If you inadvertently store something in the folder please ask an Admin to remove it.

How do I download a mix?

Simply copy the file from the Dropbox folder to another folder on your machine. Note that if you work directly with the file in your Dropbox folder any changes to the file will be replicated to all other members. If you are not sure which file in the folder is the right one to download look for the file with the largest file size, it should also be the file with the most recent Create Date stamp.

How do I upload a mix?

Paste or save the finished WAV file back into your local Dropbox folder. The file will then automatically upload to the Dropbox server and all other players will have access to it. Your upload speed and the download speed of other members in the folder may cause delays in when it appears on the Dropbox web site and/or the other player’s local folders. You can also upload directly on the Dropbox.com web site but there is a 300MB maximum file size limitation:

How should I name my file?

The preferred naming convention is MIX TRAIN NUMBER + NAME + DJ NAME + SLOTS COMPLETED

e.g. 001 Drum and Bass – Fatter Agnus – Slots 1 2 and 3

The previous DJ said his slot is done but I am not seeing it in Dropbox?

I am unable to upload or download from the dropbox, what do I do?

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