How to optimize your recording settings for Mix Trains

Keeping on top of volume fluctuations in your own mix can be a full time job. When you are playing on Mix Trains with other DJs who are using different set-ups and recording methods, ensuring your own mix becomes a seamless part of the set requires some attention up front. Here are some tips on getting the best sound quality from your mix:

Regardless of media or format only use  tracks with a 320Kbps or Higher bit-rate.  Tracks downloaded from torrent sites, blogs and pirate sites are often of poor quality and are frequently not recorded at the bitrate they claim to be.

Record your slot at 320Kbps CBR (Constant Bit rate) at 44.100kHz.

Constant bit rates  have a higher quality than VBR’s (Variable Bit rate), this may increase your rendering time, but will ensure the highest possible quality recording for the finished product.

When recording, avoid recording at a higher volume than the recording software can handle. Try a test recording first to ensure you are there is no distortion. IMTC recommends a setting between -5 to -7db.

Once you get access to the mix, consider recording your slot separately and then going back and mixing it in to the previous slots you downloaded. This way you can control your gain and ensure the mix doesn’t peek or drop too much on transition.

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