DJ Don’t F*ck About

DJ Don’t F*ck About – DFA Recordings

Nationality: British

Current Residence: Glasgow, Scotland

Started Playing: 1989

Musical Style: Everything

Current Setup:1 SL1210Mk2 & 1 SL1200 Mk1. 2 Technics SLDA1200 direct drive digital turntable; virtual DJ.

Next purchase: Serato

Fantasy Mix Train Line Up: Joey Youngman – I like his style of production, Mark Webster – Great Acid Jazz DJ,  Chris Peckings Price – top UK reggae producer,  Frankie Knuckles – quality DJ,  Fort Knox Five DJ’s – tearing it up now

DJ Don’t F*ck About’s Current Top 5:

  1. Fort Knox Five – Hipster Run Tings
  2. Smiley Culture – Police Officer (Jinx in Dub remix)
  3. Billy Ocean – Feel Like Getting Down  (Rayko edit)
  4. Mood Deluxe – Hotpoints
  5. Ready or Not – Zinc (2003 mix)

DJ Don’t F*ck About’s All Time Top 5:

  • Bob Marley – Jammin’
  • Otis Redding – Sitting On The Dock of the Bay
  • Nina Simone – Feeling Good
  • The Freak – Dogtown Clash
  • Rhythm is Rhythim – Strings of Life

Most overrated tune of all time: Anything by Rihanna

Most underrated tune of all time: Quivver: Twist & Shout

5 words to sum up your DJ career: F*cking amazing psychedelic love excursion

Do you have anything else to say? Mine’s a large one please!

Check out DJ Don’t F*ck About’s Mix Trains:

006 – Dubstep Express

007 – Techno

011 – Breaks

Other Links for DJ Don’t F*ck About:

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