Carlos Domingo

Carlos Domingo

Nationality: English

Current Residence: Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Started Playing: 1988

Musical Style: Techno, Minimal, Tech House , Tribal House

Current Setup: Numark TTX Digital Turntables, Pioneer DJM 400 Mixer and  KRK Rockit Near-field Monitors

Fantasy Mix Train Line Up: Marco Bailey ,Sasha Carrasi, Adam Beyor, Joseph Capriatti and Alan Fitzpatrik!!!! They’re all  bang on the money baby 🙂

Carlos Domingo’s Current Top 5 All the latest tracks from the DJs on previous question

Carlos Domingo’s All Time Top 5

  • Anything by Bucks’s Fizz
  • Any post 1990 Cher
  • Any non-French Celine Dion
  • Any Pre-Miley Bill Ray Cyrus
  • Any song performed by a Newsreader doing something on TV for charity.

Most overrated tune of all time: Yekke Yekke***

Most underrated tune of all time: Hmmm Sorry, brain freeze.

5 words to sum up your DJ career: I’m suprised I’m still here!

Do you have anything else to say? Why do aliens have to use bottom probes? Couldn’t they just say hello?

Check out Carlos Domingo’s Mix Trains:

007 – Techno

Other Links for Carlos Domingo:

***This is Carlos' personal view and frankly does not represent the views of the IMTC.
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