Fatter Agnus

Fatter Agnus – Founder, IMTC

Nationality: British

Current Residence: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Started Playing: 1995
Musical Style: Drum & Bass, Techno and Snooker Commentaries.
Current Setup: Native Instruments Kontrol S4, Vestax PDX-2000, Lots and lots of computers, seriously, I have more than one for Sunday best.

Fantasy Mix Train Line Up: Mr C – Some of the best nights of my life were driven by this chap. Shiftee -That lad has more tricks than David Blaine fighting an angry white bunny.  Rob Da Bank to see what he would bring. Richie Hawtin (he’s really English you know?) and of course, the man, Chegwin.

Fatter Agnus’ Current Top 5

  1. The Upbeats – ‘Tor’ (Audio Remix)
  2. Projack – ‘Mind Test’
  3. Green Man – ‘Whatever it Takes’
  4. B Cloud – ‘Deeper’
  5. Paul SG – ‘Ocean Drive’

Fatter Agnus’ All Time Top 5

  • Trancesetters – ‘Secrets of Meditation’
  • Leftfield – ‘Song for Life’
  • Cypress Hill – “Insane in the Brain’
  • Ed Rush & Fierce ‘Locust’
  • Faith No More – “Epic’

Most overrated tune of all time: The Bucketheads – “The Bomb” never liked it.

Most underrated tune of all time: ‘Building a Bridge to your Heart’ by Wax, obviously.

5 words to sum up your DJ career: Well it’s better than running.

Last words for the readers? Have you seen Bad Boys 2?

Check out Fatter Agnus’ Mix Trains:

001 – Drum and Bass

003 – Freestyle

005 – Experimental

007 – Techno

009 – Covert Drum & Bass

011 – Breaks

020 – The Liquid Bullet

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