Pierce ‘Highfee’ Bartley


Nationality: Merikan

Current Residence: Boulder, CO

Started Playing: 2009

Musical Style: I spin Dubstep, usually deep vibes or chilled out ambient style with a hint of filth here and there for an extra splash of flavor.
Current Setup: 2009 Macbook Pro, Traktor 2, Traktor Kontrol S4 and AIAIAI TMA-1s

Fantasy Mix Train Line Up:
My fantasy line up in this order;

  1. Excision- for his epic intros.
  2. Skism- for his three deck business and his great technique.
  3. Chronos Badman Collective- Ant on the decks with the best MC spitting rhymes while completely shitfaced… who can say no?
  4. Inspector Dubplate- he was the DJ that got me into Dubstep in the first place.
  5. Megalodon- Reppin’ my hometown and the deep tunes.
  6. Darren Boynton- He hates dubstep so much, just the torture of him having to listen to 50 minutes of it then figuring out a way to mix out of it makes me giggle.

Pierce Bartley’s Current Top 5:

  • ‘Gangsta Shit’ – Megalodon & Conscious Pilot
  • ‘Sticky Icky’ – Elphi
  • ‘Everybody Runs’ – Megalodon feat. D E Velopment
  • ‘Murder, Death, Kill (and Murder)’ – 12 Gauge Dubstep
  • ‘Break Your Neck’ – Trolley Snatcha & The Others

Pierce Bartley’s All Time Top 5:

  • ‘Swagga’ – Datsik
  • ‘Roteks’ – J:Kenzo
  • ‘Wake the Dead’ – Comeback Kid
  • ‘ReUp’ – Joker & Ginz
  • ‘My Moon, My Dub’ – DZ

Most overrated tune of all time: Any song “produced” by Skrillex. Really people, am I stupid or something? I am just not hearing what you are hearing…

Most underrated tune of all time: If I told you, I’d have to kill you for train-spotting…

5 words to sum up your DJ career: Wanna be my hyphy wifey?

Last words for the readers? Check out the stuff below this question!

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