Oz White

Oz White

Nationality: British

Current Residence: Professional Hobo

Started Playing: 1996

Musical Style: Alsorts but mainly Drum & Bass, Breaks and anything that goes ‘whoop’

Current Setup: Current setup: 2 x Vestax PDX D3 Decks, Vestax PMC 17A Mixer (that has  seen better days), Traktor Audio 8, Macbook and Traktor Scratch    Pro.

Next Purchase: Need to replace the Vestax mixer before it completely dies, and Traktor Scratch 2


Fantasy Mix Train Line Up: Kafty Kuts, Featurecast & A Skillz because they blow the roof off any party, Andy C because he’d seamlessly fire about 20 records into his 10 minutes, and me because I’d want my name on it somewhere. Special request that Andy Baillie be handed MC duties, preferably wearing a Gold Lamay Suit.

Oz Whites’s Current Top 5

  1. Reso – War Machine
  2. Krafty Kuts & Featurecast – Head Banger
  3. BCee & S.P.Y – Is Anybody Out There (Friction & K-Tee Mix)
  4. London Elektricity – Yikes
  5. Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Spectrasoul Bootleg Mix)

Most overrated tune of all time: Tim Deluxe – It Just Won’t Do (…and it literally doesn’t)

5 words to sum up your DJ career: Should have made more money

Check out Oz White’s Mix Trains:

011 – Breaks

020 – The Liquid Bullet

Other Links for Oz White:


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