***Beta script****

We have made some changes to the optimizer script based on some of the feedback we have received from you good people.

Three flavours to pick from:

  1. Text File version here – re-save the file with the .bat extension and right click > run as administrator the first time.
  2. Batch File here –  right click > run as administrator the first time
  3. Compiled executable here  right click > run as administrator the first time


All three files do exactly the same thing. We put three up as different people have differing requirements.
We have added the ability to leave network services intact. There is also a changelog so you can see what we have, well, changed. We have also included a very limited FAQ. We will answer questions as and when we can but there should be no expectation of support. As we have stated previously, the script makes no permanent changes to your machine so if in doubt, reboot.
You are welcome to leave comments regarding requests for features on this page but please use the DJTT thread located  here
  1. Marc
    September 13, 2011 at 6:16 am

    Thanks for the script. Its not working for me. Am getting “cannot find path specified” when running the other one and hitting 1 or 2 on these scripts only seem to lead to the faq for some reason. Am on 64bit win 7 if you can help?

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