Anthony ‘Theory’ Nicholson

Nationality: Romanian, 1st generation American

Current Residence: Chicago, USA

Started Playing: DnB, quickly switched to Dubstep.

Musical Style: I play some brostep, but i keep it mid range or chill most of the time. I also do some mash ups under the name (Agent) 00i.
Current Setup:
Numark Total control, Novation Dicers, Pioneer HDJ 500, Traktor pro 1

Fantasy Mix Train Line Up: (In this order) Rusko, Flux Pavilion, Me and Caspa, to cool things off on the tail end.

Theory’s Current Top 5:
(In no particular order)

  • Borgore – ‘Nympho’
  • Benny Benassi – ‘Cinema’ (Skrillex Remix)
  • Emalkay – ‘Fabrication’
  • Rusko – ‘Woo Boost’
  • Koan Sound – ‘Mr. Brown’

Theory’s All Time Top 5:

  • D1 – ‘Midnight Blues’
  • Emalkay – ‘When I Look At You’
  • Stagga – ‘Sick As Sin’
  • Shy FX & UK Apachi – ‘Original Nuttah’
  • DJ Hazard – ‘Machete’

Most overrated tune of all time: Flux Pavilion – ‘Bass Cannon’. I get that it’ll make a room go mental, but I don’t get why people think its so good.

Most underrated tune of all time: That’s a tough one. I hear a lot of non ‘mainstream’ stuff since the dubstep scene is still mostly hush hush, so im not sure i can really say one tune fits. I’ve heard some really good chill stuff from lots of people that I cant compare.

5 words to sum up your DJ career: Happy free promotion little guys

Last words for the readers? Dude. That’s whats up.

Check out Theory’s Mix Trains:

Other Links for Theory:

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